anagram+1 is a wordplay puzzle game based on anagrams!

You are given a word plus one extra letter. Your mission is to make a new word from the given letters.

For example you may be given:


and you need to find the 4-letter word by rearranging these letters.

In this case, the answer is: LORD

Looks simple and easy isn’t it? But believe me it is not!  As the number of letters increase, challenges become harder. You will be surprised how difficult it can be to see the obvious sometimes.  Sometimes it will take you a few seconds to find the answer though. The interesting thing here is, different people find it easy to solve different anagram puzzles.
Hints are available if you become stuck..

anagram+1 interface is kept simple but elegant so that you can easily concentrate on the puzzles.

anagram+1 is perfect if you are learning a language. Challenging and addictive if you already know the language!

anagram+1 is available in English, Turkish and Kurdish for now.

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Amazon version is on way!

Enjoy it and please leave us feedback if you have any problem and suggestions.